Plugins in blaze

blaze comes with a plugin architecture, so you'll be able to extend the functionality and make your plugins reusable. You will need to follow some simple rules in order to make your plugin work properly, but that should not be too hard.

The main purpose of plugins in blaze is to extend functionality of the system while keeping the access to core methods, as well as plugin methods as easy as possible.

Dive in

Blaze ships with three plugins. You will find them in the folder `blaze/plugins. The first one is named "util". It provides some cool helper methods. The second one is called "webstat", it is a webstat tool which gives you a simple way to implement a good looking, brandable web analytics interface for your customers. The third one, called 'update' will allow you to update your blaze version to the newest release with one click.

Two of them are perfect to get an idea of how blaze's plugins work. "util" is a basic implementation, consisting of just one single class and a little helper class. You may install and activate in the plugins section in the backend. Then you may use it with a simple


The 'webstat' plugin is much more complicated as it needs its own backend view (yes, you can do this very easily). The plugin is accessible via blaze, but it was not made for custom interaction. It will reside in the background, do stuff when certain events are triggered and count visits.


Blaze gives you cool plugins and the possibility to create your own ones. You may bind functionality of your plugin to events and create backend pages if needed.