The translation handler

blaze comes with a translation handler which is used internally to translate the backend. It is additionally needed for translating plugins, and you may of course use it for whatever you want to.

The translation handler relies on easily editable json files. The basic files for the backend are located in the folder 'locale' within the main 'blaze' folder.

Translating the backend

If you need another language than the given ones, feel free to translate the backend by just creating a new language file and translating the strings. We recommend duplicating the 'en.json' and editing the duplicate. Make sure to properly name it using widely known conventions ('en' for English, 'fr' for French, and so on) and to properly add the language id to the strings it contains.

Upload your file when you're done and visit the UI section of the backend to select your newly created language.

JSON syntax

Whenever you make a change to the language files, be aware that the files have to consist of valid JSON. You can read more about JSON at w3schools. Make sure to put a backslash in front of the double-quotes which are meant to be contained within a language string.