The configuration presets in blaze

A setting preset is a combination of configuration options and has to be setup in the presets section of the config file. All options that are setup in the preset will be adapted to match the setting when the preset is loaded.

You can setup your own settings preset if you want to. Just add a new one to the config file.

blaze comes with 3 configuration presets. You can select them in the backend on the main settings page in the top right corner of the settings panel.

The development preset

This preset is optimized for the development phase of a small web project. The page is not available to the public, but (by default) users with role customer may login and access the frontend. The asset compiler will compile assets but not minify nor concatenate them. Also the sourcecode will be cleaned up to make it well readable and easy to debug. Errors will be output to screen and gzipping will be disabled.

The production preset

This preset is fine tuned for the production usage of the website. Errors won't be output to screen but sent to the system admin via email. Public access is enabled, gzip is enabled and the debug mode is disabled. Assets will be compiled and concatenate in order to deliver them in one single request. The page sourcecode will also be compressed to use as little bandwith as possible.

The maintenance preset

This is a classic maintenance mode preset. It basically matches the development preset but displays a maintenance mode notice to any public visitors.