blaze comes with a lot of customization and configuration options. During the initial setup, a configuration file will be generated. It is named config.json. You should make a backup of the file after completing the setup. It is located in the main blaze folder.

You may of course edit the config file directly, but it is recommended to make use of the backend. It is more comfortable and it helps you not to do anything stupid.

We put a lot of effort into optimizing every single config option for either a perfect development environment or a blazing fast page output in production. The result of these efforts are three configuration presets you will find in the backend. They should be self explanatory.

The config file contains a lot of options which are explained in detail here: configuration options.

Automatic backups

Whenever you change the settings files via the backend, blaze automatically creates a backup of the last working configuration. In case you change anything in the config file that does not work (or maybe you accidentally make a syntax error) blaze will restore this backup, and notify you with an error message.

If there is no valid backup, you will also get a notice.

Accessing the settings

The config.json holds all configuration options in a json object. To access the current settings in your php code (maybe you added your own setting option), you can make use of blaze's setting handler.

A simple example: in the main settings, there is the setting debug. It is one of the core settings which changes the entire way how blaze handles and outputs your website. You could access it like this:


Do so to see if blaze is currently in debug mode or not. It is recommended to read the settings component guide.