Output manipulation options

blaze gives you several options to manipulate the output of your script. All options are available via the settings panel in the backend.

Pretty printing

If pretty printing is enabled, blaze will try to tidy up your html code. This is useful in the development phase where you might want to take a look at the sourcecode and where you want it to be readable.

Pretty printing is enabled by default, but it will be disabled when you load the 'production' preset.

Output compression

When it comes to page delivery speed, every unneeded bit of transferred data could matter. That's why blaze compresses your page output by default when the 'production' preset is enabled.

With output compression enabled, blaze will strip all unneeded whitespaces in the rendered html. Also, it will inline css and javascript if their filesize is not too big. Also, pretty printing will be ignored (and automatically disabled if you enable output compression via the backend).

Output caching

In order to speed up your page even more, you may want to think about output caching. There is a documentation page about this.