blaze was made with web agencies in mind. It provides a backend, which can easily and completely be branded. You can even change the product name to "My cool framework" or whatever you like. Here are some explanations about the options you have and about reusing your brand settings for your next blaze powered website.

Branding the interface

Branding the interface is easy. You'll find a button named 'interface' in the backend. Click it to get to the branding settings.

The settings and possible values are explained from a technical point of view in the config file section. Take a look at the 'ui options' there. The explanations you find here are meant to give you an idea why to change them.

Framework name

This setting will be used as main name for your product within the whole interface. It also will appear in the bottom line of the backend and on the error pages. It is obviously the best way to give your customer the feeling, that you made a product for him and that there is a lot of tech behind the website which customers often do not really understand.

You may use the placeholder {blazeversion} to include the current version of blaze.

Copyright notice

This notice will be displayed on all backend pages and on the error pages.

Login path

This setting represents the login path for the backend. We'd recommend to change this to something that fits your framework name if you changed it. Make sure to use something that is a valid path. You would get a warning if you did not.

Branding color

This field takes anything that css would accept as color value. Once you change it in the backend, blaze will recompile all its stylesheets to fit your needs. Its the perfect way to integrate blaze in your color scheme.

Framework logo

This pretty obviously is the framework's logo. It will be displayed on the backend pages. It will also appear on login screens and error pages if you do not setup the customer's logo. When blaze is in development mode, the login page will always have the framework logo.

It is strongly recommended to use a png with a transparent background here.

Framework icon

Put your favicon here. Be aware, that a change of the framework icon will not always be reflected immediatly by your browser. They update favicons only every now and then... You can of course disable caching and force a refresh.

Customer logo

This is not really a branding option, but it will make sure that the error pages and the maintenance mode screen as well as the public login screen display your customer's logo, not yours.


Blaze makes it super easy to reuse your brand settings. When you are done with all branding just click on the 'export' button (top right) to download a branding package. You'll get a containing your branding settings and the logo files.

Next time you need to brand a blaze installation click on 'import' instead of setting everything manually. Just select the when asked for a file to upload, and let the magic happen.

The whole import/export thing will only work, if you have the php zip extension installed. This should be the case for nearly all hosting environments. If you don't have it installed, you might be missing the import/export buttons. Sorry for that, but there is no real alternative to zip in this case.