Available plugins for blaze

We currently ship two plugins with the framework, they have their own documentation pages.


Update will enable you to update your blaze powered website to the latest release of blaze with very few clicks.

You will find the documentation here.


Util is a plugin which provides lots of helper functions you might need during development at any point.

You will find the documentation here.


Webstat is a plugin which allows you to provide a branded visitor counter to your customers. It will contain some details about how many visitors there are, as well as some information about the used devices, the visited pages, search engines, and so on.

You will find the documentation here.

Get listed here

We encourage you to create your own plugins and sell them on codecanyon. If you made a (free or premium) plugin and you want to get listed here, just contact us via twitter or email.

Any plugin that is stable, well tested and useful will be listed here. We also place codecanyon links if you like - get in contact.