Updating blaze easily

Updating a framework is not always easy as there maybe lots of files to think about. That's why blaze comes with a free plugin named 'update' which allows you to update blaze to the latest release with some clicks.

System requirements

As the update plugin needs to be able to download the latest release, it will either need the curl extension, or another way of doing this. Also the zip extension needs to be installed.

Both requirements will be checked when you install the plugin via the backend, so you normally don't need to think about this, unless you get an error message.

Installing the plugin

Just install the plugin in the backend. You'll then get a new button in the sidebar navigation, named 'Update'. Click on this to enter the plugin's backend panel and enter your Envato purchase code.

After having entered the purchase code, the plugin will automatically look for new releases and notify you in the backend if there is anything new to install.

If you want to get notified via mail, just check the checkbox over at CodeCanyon and they will notify you.

Using the plugin

Usage is dead simple. When an update is available, you will see a little notification. Go to the update page in the backend and read the update notes. Then click on the green button and follow the instructions.

Where to find my Envato purchase code?

Super easy, Envato has an easy explanation.

Uh god, the update process failed!

It won't. And if it did: don't worry. The plugin is really careful and even if the update process did not finish for some reason, it won't affect your website.

The plugin will download the update, make sure that the release file is downloaded completely and then extract the update. The only (very improbable) circumstance that could cause a partial and thereby possibly broken update would be a server crash during the few moments where it copies the new release to its new location.

There really is no need to worry, even if the update failed it is not hard to reupload the initial blaze version you had before the update.