blaze - the microsite framework

In a few words

blaze is a framework that allows you to code websites with basic HTML/PHP without forcing you to use a large system. You will be able to create wonderful websites but at the same time have a fully working backend with lot of optimization tools, professional code output and much more.

blaze - the microsite framework

Welcome to the documentation of blaze. You'll get in-depth information about the framework, what it is and what it does. In case you encounter questions that are not answered properly, just contact us via twitter or via the support tools we provide.

What is blaze?

In lack of a better description we call blaze a drop-in php framework. It is supposed to run microsites, landingpages, product sites and other small to medium web projects. It's super easy to integrate, gives you a lot of cool features and automatic improvements and won't force you to work any way you don't want to.

When you start with a microsite, you usually have either to choose your favorite (overkill) framework or cms or to start with nothing in your hands. So you setup the basic styles, maybe using a css reset, then you wireframe your pages, program them, style them and so on. In most cases, you will go with a quick'n'dirty solution as there is no time to really care about the dirty edges of the site (like error pages). It's not professional, but hey - it works. blaze to the help!

These are some of the coding related features blaze ships with:

  • lots of useful serverside bootstrapping (like correct mime types)
  • automatic LESS, SCSS and Coffeescript compiling
  • easy authentication system, branded login screens with one line of code
  • properly coded and branded error pages
  • cache and settings handling with one line per action
  • super easy database access, supporting MySQL & SQLite
  • automatically branded error pages
  • CSS reset and unreset

Yes, you're right, that's not something super special, it's kind of the basics. But far too often, these basics do not exist and therefore have to be coded, or they will just not be implemented and prevent some cool ideas from being realized. And yes, you're right again: it's just the tip of the iceberg, there is much more underneath.

The real power of blaze lies in its combination with the elegant, fully brandable and responsive backend. Here are some of the things it will give you:

  • full administration, including branding
  • fine tuned tangibility to make you and your customer get the "this is what I've payed for" feeling
  • settings pane to improve and customize the behaviour of your site
  • easy content protection and development mode, both are either totally blocking visitors or requesting a login

Again, that's just an excerpt, there is much more included. Additionally, there are lots of plugins planned, partially already realized. This way you can easily add functionality to your website, like webstatistics, basic content editing, a microblog, a newsletter-sending plugin, and so on - all branded with your logo and colors.

There is much more hidden underneath, but this would go too far for a small overview.

What is blaze not?

A huge framework to run web apps or large websites, a thing to use without understanding it, a pain in the ... ;-)

Who is blaze made for?

blaze is made for php developers with all levels of experience. It was made with web agencies in mind, that want to provide a branded solution to their clients, and maybe integrate their own services.

What can blaze do for me?

Yes, we use the totally overused word 'framework' for blaze, but the name fits basically. Blaze provides an invisible framework of tools and configurations in order to run your small to medium website. There is a configuration backend, which can easily be branded to make your customers feel that they are using your product. There is a super easy plugin architecture which makes it a breeze to extend blaze's functionality. And there are a lot of little helpers that will make your life as a developer easier.

If you want to know exactly what features blaze brings you, you should take a look at the whole documentation or at the website.

What if I get stuck?

Don't panic. We are here to provide support. Watch out for a link saying 'get support', write us via twitter, codecanyon comments or email.